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Hi! I’m Cathy Hutchison, and I want to help you get more joy in your day job.

While leading a mentoring program for my professional organization, I encountered many bright, talented people who would hit places where they simply got stuck. It left them at best ambivalent and at worst unhappy.

From entry-level, to mid-level, to executive level professionals, we all need help at different points to identify blocks and to take steps to move forward.

Best of all, that path is possible to achieve. It takes some investment in ourselves, the courage to take some brave steps and most of all, a willingness to let go of the things that are holding us back.

Here are a couple of services I provide to help:

Speaking to Your Organization

Want the people at your company or organization to have more joy at the day job?  Interested in kicking off a mentoring program?  I speak to organizations across the country on topics related to personal growth and breaking through the blocks that keep us from experiencing joy.

For more on this, visit:

Personal Coaching

I take a few coaching clients each year; we meet monthly for an hour via Skype for six months to:
  • Identify your aspirations and define your next major step in getting where you want to go.
  • Align your daily habits with your values.
  • Help you develop your personal branding.
  • Connect you with resources to help resolve blocks that may be holding you back.
This coaching package is a total of $1200, billed monthly at $200 a month. Homework will be assigned related to your individual goals to be completed before each session.

Because I actually do love my day job, I only take on a few coaching clients each year. Interested in being one of those clients? Reach out to me at
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