Get Better at Dealing with People (even the tough ones)

How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie quite literally wrote the book that has launched hundreds of thousands to exponential success by sharing the secrets of how to connect with people.

Managing Difficult Relationships - What do you do when you can't simply avoid that person who is sucking the life out of you?

Boundaries - If you feel like people at work are stepping all over you, it doesn't get better than this.

The Art of Possibility - Many chapters in this book like "Giving an A," "Being a Contribution" and "Leading from Any Chair" are transformative in the way we engage people at work.

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Learn Who You Are to Create Alignment in Your Position

Gallup Strengths Finder - this assessment uncovers the qualities that make you excel as part of a team. It also provides great words in the descriptions of your strengths to use in a LinkedIn profile. Cost to take the test around $15.

Johnson O’Connor Aptitude Test - This extensive testing will require an investment, but it can really pay off in discovering careers that you are uniquely wired to succeed in.

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Reset Your Priorities and Get Your Life Back

How carrying a notebook and crayons erased burnout and helped me get my life back. This is my personal story of how a simple practice changed everything.

Why We Lose Our Ability to Prioritize when We are Really Stressed - It isn't that surprising that you feel like buying a bathmat is as important as that multi-million dollar proposal.

Getting Unstuck in Art and Life - A list of methodologies artists use for dealing with blocks that also help in normal, daily life.

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Increase your Profit. Make More Money. and share what you should be making in your current job and what you should ask for if you decide to get another one.

Can you influence your boss to give you a raise? - practical advice from Melinda Marcus for body language and positioning when asking for a raise

Ramit Sethi is like the anti-Dave Ramsey.  His theory is that we can struggle trying to cut our daily lattes, or we can just find a way to make $750 more a year so we don't have to. His blog is full of resources for making more money.

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale is a great book to read if you suspect you might be sabotaging yourself when it comes to salary.  It is about shaping our thoughts so that we don't subconsciously block money. (It is also a very short book.)

Carol Tuttle shares how changing our script around money can change our experience with it.

Line Up Your Day Job to Your Purpose

TED Talk: Start with the Why - Simon Sinek's talk explores why every project--including your day job--is more meaningful and effective when you start with the purpose

An unconventional approach to finding your life’s purpose - Leo Babauta shares an approach that goes beyond parroting productivity gurus.

Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job - Jon Acuff wrote this book for everyone who has ever said, "I work as a __________. But I'm really a __________."

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